ITIL® 4 Leader: Digital & IT Strategy eLearning

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End Date: January 01, 1970 – 12:00 AM (Pacific Time)


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Course Description

The ITIL ® 4 Digital and IT Strategy certification focuses on enabling business success through the creation of digital and IT strategies.

The ITIL® 4 Leader: Digital and IT Strategy (DITS) is one of the two modules in the ITIL 4 Strategic Leader (SL) certification scheme. The other module in the SL designation is the ITIL® 4 Strategist: Direct, Plan & Improve. Accredited training for the ITIL 4 Strategic Leader modules is mandatory to enable full understanding of the core material.

The ITIL ® 4 Digital and IT Strategy certification focuses on enabling business success through the creation of digital and IT strategies. The IT and Digital Strategy certification adds a new perspective to the ITIL suite and elevates the discussion around ITIL concepts to a strategic level among business leaders and aspiring leaders.

The recommended contact hours for ITIL® 4 Digital and IT Strategy training are 18 hours, including 4 hours of individual online assignments. The ITIL® 4 Digital and IT Strategy course is based on the exam specifications from AXELOS. With the help of ITIL® 4 concepts and terminology, exercises, and examples included in the course, you will acquire relevant knowledge to pass the certification exam. The core learning material in the course is supported by interactive case case study and discussions and activities.



Course Outline

Module 0: Course Introduction

· ITIL 4 DITS Course Introduction

Module 1: Key Concepts of Digital and IT Strategy

· Digital, Information, Operational, and Communication Technology

· Quiz 1

· Digital Organization, Digital Business, Digitization, and Digital Transformation

· Services, Products, and Competitive Advantage

· Tiers of Strategy

· Business Models

· Operating Models

· Quiz 2

Module 2: Strategy and the Service Value System

· Opportunity and Demand

· Value

· Governance

· ITIL Guiding Principles

· Quiz 1

· Continual Improvement

· ITIL Practices

· Quiz 2

Module 3: What is Vision?

· Digital Disruptions

· Quiz 1

· Balanced Strategic Focus

· Positioning Tools for Digital Organizations

· Assignment 1: Digital Disruption and Digital Positioning

· Quiz 2

Module 4: Where Are We Now?

· Environmental Analysis

· Quiz 1

· Digital Readiness Assessment

· Quiz 2

Module 5: How Do We Get There (Strategic Planning)

· Strategy Planning

· Financial Aspects of Digital and IT Strategy

· Business Models for Strategy Planning

· Portfolio Optimization

· Quiz

Module 6: How Do We Get There (Strategic Approaches)

· Strategic Approaches for Customer/Market Relevance

· Quiz 1

· Strategic Approaches for Operational Excellence

· Quiz 2

· Strategic Approaches to Evolution

· Strategic Approaches to Social Responsibility and Sustainability

· Assignment 2: Strategic Approaches for Digital Organizations

· Quiz 3

Module 7: Take Action (Managing Strategic Initiatives)

· How Strategies are Implemented

· Coordinating Strategy and Strategic Initiatives

· Leading Digital Transformation

· Digital Leadership

· Assignment 3: Strategy Planning and Communication

· Quiz

Module 8: Did We Get There? (Measuring Strategy)

· Key Facts About Measurement

· Quiz 1

· Quiz 2

Module 9: How Do We Keep The Momentum Going

· Long-Term Momentum: Ensuring Organizational Viability

· Short-Term Momentum: Parallel Operation

· Assignment 4: Digital Strategy in VUCA Environment

· Quiz

Module 10: Managing Innovation and Emerging Technologies

· Managing Innovation

· Formal Approach to Innovation Management

· Culture that Supports Innovation

· Approaches to Innovation

· Evaluating and Adopting Emerging Technology

· Quiz

Module 11: Managing Strategic Risk

· Risk Management

· Risk Identification

· Concepts Defining an Organization’s Approach to Risk

· Risk Treatment

· Quiz

Additional Documents

· Additional Documents

Course Objectives

The ITIL ® 4 Digital and IT Strategy course covers the content in relation to the following learning outcomes of the exam specification for ITIL ® 4 Digital and IT Strategy:

· Demonstrate the use of the ITIL guiding principles in Digital and IT Strategy decisions and activities

· Understand how to leverage digital strategy to react to digital disruption

· Understand the relationship between the concepts of Digital and IT Strategy, the service value system and the service value chain, and explain how to utilize them to create value

· Understand how an organization uses Digital and IT Strategy to remain viable in environments disrupted by digital technology

· Understand strategic approaches made possible by digital and information technology to achieve customer/market relevance and operational excellence

· Understand the risks and opportunities of Digital and IT Strategy

· Understand the steps and techniques involved in defining and advocating for a Digital and IT Strategy

· Understand how to implement a Digital and IT Strategy


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