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Live Online Classes

The most effective learning possible happens in a live environment with a world-class instructor. Classes run live to allow you to fully interact in the most engaging online learning experience available anywhere. And the short, 2-hour sessions allow you to easily digest the information.

Recorded “Replay” Classes

Your schedule changes all the time and you need a flexible solution. The Replay option allows you to view the recordings of any Live class when it’s convenient for you. Stop, start, or speed up at your pace. And all the mentoring, hands-on labs and practice exams are still available for maximum flexibility.

Green Screen Technology

Come experience the most incredible, engaging online learning possible through our advanced green screen delivery of content. Using Hollywood technology, we are able to bring the content to life by truly blending the instructor and their content into a gorgeous, quick-learning format that will change the way you think about online training.

Practice Exams

Want to know if you have mastered the content enough to pass a certification exam? We include real-world practice exams for every course. Matching the real certification exam with hundreds of questions, prep you for passing in one try. And you can repeat them over and over until you are 100% ready for the real exam.

Virtual Labs

Unlike most eLearning offerings, our labs allow you to practice what you learn in a real environment with thousands of hands-on labs scenarios. This format exactly mirrors the traditional classroom format which ensures you will know exactly how to set up, manage and troubleshoot any environment. And all labs are available on-demand 24×7. No more limits to just the classroom time.

Study Guides

These study guides give you a deep dive look at the material for every class. Going beyond just a book, allows you to know what’s important and where to focus your attention for both the certification exam and real-world application. Think of this as the “Things you need to know” guide for success.


Confirm what you are learning through our online quizzes and challenges. This allows you to confirm you are learning at the right place and not falling behind. Constant checkpoint quizzes give you the confidence that you are retaining the information. And it allows you to review any areas using Replay and labs that you may have missed.

Elite Instructors

We have the absolute most innovative teachers on the planet. We’re like the Navy Seal trainers of IT training. Imagine asking questions to the people who actually wrote the books. They will engage you in the classes like nothing you’ve experienced before. Why not learn from the best of the best.

1 on 1 mentoring

Like learning anything new, you are inevitably going to get stuck on something. Unlike traditional eLearning, you aren’t on your own. You have access to the instructor from every class to ask questions. This feature is one of the most raved about offerings by our clients.

Fresh Content

Unlike most training that was written over a year ago, we update our courses every month. You will be current on the absolute latest real-world security fixes, bug patches, and shortcuts. This allows you and your team to stay relevant and current in the ever-changing IT world.

Completion Certificates

Finish a course with pride. We provide completion certificates for every one of our courses for you to both demonstrate knowledge and proudly share your accomplishments. Take a picture with your completion certificate and post it on social media for all to see.

Usage Reporting

Managing your team’s training has never been easier. Team progress is clearly visible in an easy-to-use, interactive dashboard that exposes learner activity. And our Guided Learning program assists in onboarding. Tracking usage, status, and user stats are all at your fingertips

Engaging Campus Experience

You’ve never seen anything like our Learning Experience Platform. Gone are the days of the old, ugly LMS world. This campus draws you in with a Netflix-like platform making it super easy to view and launch the courses, labs, books, and practice exams you need.

Training For Your Team

We have a massive library of over 180 IT course topics and thousands of class sessions covering everything from cyber security to Cisco to Microsoft to AWS to project management to programming. Your entire team is covered with learning.

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